Aromatic Use of Essential Oils

Using essential oils aromatically is incredibly simple and has amazing benefits.  They create a calming or energizing atmosphere, purify the air, and manage moods.  These powerful oils have been used for centuries and now we have scientific evidence of how aromatic use impacts the brain.

To Use a Diffuser:
Fill the diffuser with tap water up to the level line.
Add a total of 8-10 drops of oil.
Replace the lid and start the diffuser.

Afternoon Boost Blend Recipe:
6 Drops Wild Orange
4 Drops Peppermint

Focus Blend Recipe:
5 Drops Rosemary Essential Oil
4 Drops Lemon Essential Oil
2 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil

Places to keep a diffuser:
Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, family rooms, office, spa room, hotel

Caring for your diffuser:
Keep out of direct sunlight
Unplug the diffuser before cleaning
Once a month, use a soft cloth to wipe out any reside
Use water and vinegar if needed

Other aromatic uses:
Place a drop on a yoga mat before you begin your practice
Mix a couple drops with a little water and spray on clothes, furniture, and in shoes
Add a drop to a dryer sheet
Use a couple of drops to clean surfaces
Drop some oil in your bath
Apply oil to a cotton ball and place in your vehicle
Place a drop of oil on your pillow
Use your hands as a personal diffuser (one drop in palm and breathe in)
Put one drop on the floor of your shower (away from water path)

Wishing you wellness,
Brian & Rachel

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