Storing and Organizing Your Essential Oils

It is key to keep your system simple and easy to use!

In the kitchen:
Keep all of your oil bottles, rollers, rubs, and extra oils in a drawer.  This will help you easily see your oil lids with the stickers.  We also keep a backup bottle of some of our crucial oils: On Guard, Breathe, Lavender, and Frankincense.

In the bathrooms & bedrooms:
Store oils next to diffusers.  A bottle of water next to the diffuser will make it simple to refill the diffuser with water without having to take it to a sink.

In our master bathroom:
I keep Slim and Sassy and Balance next to the shower to use everyday as I begin my day.  Frankincense and Copiba are kept next to the sink to remind us to put one drop under our tongues each day for cellular health and overall wellness.

Wishing You Wellness,
Brian & Rachel

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