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Brian's Journey

When I came home from the doctor's office with an MRI brain scan consistent with "advanced multiple sclerosis", I started making significant modifications to my diet based on lengthy internet searches.  I went overboard, trying a variety of fringe treatments (with no noticeable results) and eliminating everything except white rice, fresh fruits, and specific vegetables from my diet because someone with a Dr. title said this or that might be bad for me. 

After a month or so, I started reintroducing things back into my diet to see if I could tell a difference. Fortunately, only a couple things seemed to trigger a less-than-desirable response: saturated fats and hydrogenated oils.  It wasn't until a year ago that I decided to go vegan plus after watching some videos with Rachel.  

As far as the essential oils go, I started as a casual observer as Rachel began her journey into the health benefits of the oils.  As time has progressed, I have found many helpful uses of specific oils, and although I do not yet fully understand everything they have to offer, I feel that as more research and independent studies are conducted, that we will find more specific and directive uses that will help us maintain our health and wellbeing.

What an amazing journey!  I have a loving husband, 6 outstanding children, and friends and activities that fill my heart and soul.  

I never understood depression and anxiety until I experienced them for myself.  I was able to manage my depleted emotional state with eating unhealthy foods.  The sad thing is that these foods did make me feel better, but only for a short time and then I would feel guilt and shame.  I saw counselors and a psychiatrist and tried a couple of medications.  They did help me have less despair, but I also felt like a bit of an emotional zombie.  

I was introduced to doTERRA essential oils in 2012 when a friend suggested I try Balance oil blend on the bottoms of my feet each day to help me feel more emotionally balanced.  I noticed a difference in my mood and have been hooked ever since.  Balance was, and still is, my go-to oil when I'm feeling overwhelming emotions.  I also continue to work with a wonderful counselor and life coach in learning to change my thoughts to create the life I want.  I have been so blessed with amazing people and resources in my life.

Essential oils became a staple in our home.  We use On Guard constantly during the cold and flu season and have even seen miracles with one of my daughters who suffered from recurring strep throat.  Having a healthy home is especially important to me because I want to protect my loved ones with immune weaknesses: an autoimmune disease and Down Syndrome.  These oils give us a powerful and natural way to boost everyone.

While teaching junior high school, I dealt with a couple of bouts of horrible vertigo.  The oils and some manipulations helped me to recover quickly.  My struggles with weight and eating finally came to a place of peace when I learned about eating in a more natural and healthy way.  It is not always easy or convenient, but I know there are deep connections between our guts and minds.  I no longer eat to stuff down emotions and have freed myself from the guilt and pain that is associated with disorderly eating.  I continue to have a drop of grapefruit essential oil in my water each day to refresh my body and keep cravings minimal.  

Essential oils and healthy eating have become a daily part of my life and a daily routine in our home.

Rachel's Journey

Ten Random Things About Brian:

  1. I was voted the 3rd most quiet person by my high school graduating class.  My best friend was the grand champion.  Apparently, we never spoke.
  2. Although I spent two years in Italy, still speak fluently, and technically married an Italian, Thai food is my favorite international food.
  3. I graduated from the Air Force Academy with a degree in Materials Science.
  4. I've hiked Pikes Peak 5 times; 4 times to the summit and was once chased off the peak by the threat of lightning.
  5. I grew up in rural Idaho.
  6. I have an artificial lens implant, the result of a do-it-yourself pumpkin carving attempt gone awry. (I was only 6 years old.)
  7. My childhood was filled with hiking and biking, swimming and fishing, camping and climbing around the canyons of Southern Idaho.
  8. Beginning in grade school, I was a student lecturer at a local junior college; I can still remember much of the presentation about the seasonal rounds of the local Native Americans, and I've used some of their survival techniques in our camping experiences.
  9. I was a public affairs community relations tour guide and lecturer teaching about the history and development of our space and missile capabilities at Vandenberg Air Force Base.  
  10. I am an Eagle Scout and am still a merit badge counselor.  

Ten Random Things About Rachel:

  1. My bucket list is filled with traveling to amazing places all over the world.
  2. I played varsity basketball my freshman year of high school.  (It was such a small school, there was only varsity. :)
  3. My first degree is in Sign Language Interpreting.
  4. My second degree is in Elementary Education & I taught junior high English for 6 years.
  5. One of my hidden talents is organizing my computer files into folders so I can find them easily.
  6. I was the Drum Major of the marching band my senior year in high school.  I love watching my kids in the marching band.
  7. Music is a HUGE part of our lives.  We are involved in choirs, voice lessons, piano lessons, and a multitude of instruments: guitar, ukulele, flute, clarinet, trumpet, french horn, mellophone, and saxophone.
  8. I grew up in a military family and was born in Italy.
  9. I don't follow a specific sports team, but I enjoy attending live football and basketball games.
  10. I love Mexican food, and I judge Mexican restaurants based on their guacamole!